torsdag 8. november 2007

Look to me

Where life begins

There is a difference between what we know in the mind, and what we know in our spirit; a vast world of difference. Our universe of thoughts and experiences, of time passing in our own generations, are not the totality of ourselves. We are not defined by time. We are defined by boundless eternity.
The earth was made as if it were a growing field, that had a time of birth, life and harvest. The harvest is not the end of the process, it is only a step towards the truth of everything. What is our spirit? It is the "real estate of the Father" which is not bound by anything. The spirit, our spirit, can hear things that the mind doesn't hear. The mind has boundaries, the spirit has no boundaries. Deep within us is a part of something pure that seeks the truth, that has a reflection of something greater in it than our minds can fully realize. Our spirit is the center of who we are, inside a body that will die, but not bound by the body.

We are made. We are created. We didn't create ourselves. Most of us realize this even if only in part. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Who made us to be alive? Who is behind all the beauty of the earth and who is the Maker of individuality? It is a Being, a Person, a Person that can be seen by our spirit, heard by our spirit, and who is the source of our spirit.
A Person that wants to give life in abundance, full of joy and beauty and love. A Person who is Life itself always giving life. As we give birth to our children, He gave birth to us.This beautiful Being wanted us, and He wanted us to grow and see the beauty of the stars, the joy of life, and above all for us to be loved, and to love.
And in this love, as we grow towards the harvest, He wanted us to come to know Him. To know Him is to know Love itself. He wants us to take His hand and walk with Him, to talk with Him. He wants us to know Him well, as well as He knows us.
All the reason and purpose of life is to know the truth, and to know the One who created us, who gave us the freedom to choose. And we, in our time on earth, can choose to know only what our minds know, or we can choose to know more. One day we will know all the mysteries of the world here, and the world beyond, but we can choose to know now what the Father will show our spirit. The freedom to choose comes with a high price to the loving Being who made us. Our choices will either be defined by love, or they will be defined by self. Self puts itself over everything. And self over everything can take us to the farthest places from life and love, as far as the east is from the west. Our freedom to choose carries with it the consequences that we see all around us. What He intended when He made us was nothing like the misery we ourselves have created through what we do and what we choose.
We had gotten lost, lost from our source. So He came to us to show us our source, to remind our spirits of love, by showing the highest and purest selfless love, shown in a cross of wood, shown by Jesus Himself. And all along time, from the very beginning, God has been striving to bring us to our destination, which is not the earth alone, nor our bodies that are mortal. Our true destination is free from fear, free from grief, free from sickness. The Father told me, "There are no hospitals or graveyards or prisons in Heaven". Our arrival in Heaven will not be strange even though our minds imagine it will be. Heaven is in our own spirit, a piece of Himself in us. Cultures and religions and differences will fall away as though they never were, the darkness will end when we come to the Light. We will understand. That is written in the cross.So when you think of the Father, think of the Being who made us with hope and anticipation and joy, eager to know us, eager for us to know Him. Come to Him and take His hand. Speak to Him, He will speak to you. That's where life really begins

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Anonym sa...

Jeg har aldri hørt Jesus snakke til meg. Hvordan høres det ut?
hilsen Line

RUDIE sa...

Hei Line!
Det kan nok hende du har hørt Gud tale til deg, men ikke er så bevisst på det. Jeg tror Gud kan tale til oss gjennom sanger, bibelen, naturen og mye mer. Men det viktigste er å søke Jesus med den lengselen man har, for da søker man Gud som den man er.