søndag 13. april 2008

Mother Angelica Prayer

In 1981, Mother Angelica began the network out of the garage of her monastery. She soon purchased a plot of land with money gained from the sale of fishing lures and began transmitting Catholic programs 4 hours per day to 60,000 homes.
Despite a lack of funding for much of its history, Mother Angelica moved EWTN constantly forward, relying she says, on divine providence. Before founding EWTN, Mother Angelica established a convent of cloistered sisters who pray constantly for the ministry of EWTN. Mother Angelica attributes much of the network's success to their prayers.
Today the network includes satellite broadcast television services, internet sites, and a radio station. Its website says that it is the largest religious media network in the world.
It's hard to measure the impact EWTN has had and continues to have on the world. However,

Mother Angelica says, "its not what we've done, but how we've done it." - with prayer and faithfulness to the Church, trusting in the providence of God. "Unless you are willing to do the ridiculous," Mother Angelica has said, "God will not do the miraculous."

Å være med Gud gjør deg vakrere i Guds øyne dag for dag!

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