tirsdag 15. april 2008

Sister Carmela of the Holy Spirit

O Holy Spirit come to me, become my interior Master…Prompt me in everything, remind me of all that Jesus said, guide me take the direction of my whole being, help my weakness, provide for my insufficiency…

Teach me to appreciate every least inspiration of yours! It is more precious than the entire world – even if it were but a very small inspiration such as holding back a word or a glance – because it is a little "calling" an invitation to enter more deeply into divine intimacy; if I correspond to it faithfully, I grow in grace and love … Help me to avoid every slightest infidelity, every little hesitation to refuse nothing … then the light will go on growing, and love will become an abyss that cannot be sounded. But I know that in practice I shall often fall and often be lacking – O God, let it not be willingly! - But you, teach me that even in that case I must recover myself quickly and put myself at once under you influence with an act of love, without letting myself get troubled, or discouraged, since your Spirit is sweet: "Oh how sweet is your Spirit O Lord!

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